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Amadeus First Agent Club! 


1. Who can become an Amadeus First Club Member? 

Any agent working in Amadeus can become an Amadeus First Club Member. 

2. What benefits will I get from my membership? 

- Enrollment in Amadeus First Club is on a free-of-charge basis and does not bind you to anything. 

- All segments you book in Amadeus turn into credit points that can be redeemed against a large variety of gifts and rewards.  

3. How can I become a club member? 

That’s simple – you should fill in a Member Participation form. 

4. How can I check whether I have registered successfully or not? 

At the end of registration process the system will automatically generate Member personal number that you should then add in any booking you create in Amadeus. 

5. How does the cumulative system work? 

Every segment created in Amadeus is registered automatically and sent to your private bin at Amadeus First website. At initial booking stage all segments in Amadeus First interface have PD status. As soon as passenger uses booked service (i.e. air segment turns to flown segment), its status will change to OK. Segments with such status only turn into points you can exchange into gift equivalent. 

Status meaning: 

PD - bookings with no points accrued yet 

OK - bookings created in Amadeus with points already accrued 

6. How can I check my points? 

For that, just click on My Points. 

7. What will happen if previously booked segment has been cancelled? 

No cancelled segments will be taken into consideration when counting points. 

8. What happens to my points if I change my job and move to another agency? 

All points are collected by you personally and go with you without any connection to any employer agency. 

9. How are points accumulated? 

While creating a booking in Amadeus you should add remark element with your personal Amadeus First Club Member number which is generated once upon registration.. 

It should be as follows: 

RM*AMA 123456, where 123456 is a member number. The space between AMA and the member number is mandatory! 

Once remark is entered, send the PNR to Amadeus queue bank: 


Every AIR segment is equivalent to 5 points. 

Every HOTEL segment is equivalent to 10 points. 

Every CAR segment is equivalent to 10 points. 

Important Note: 

Forgot your Amadeus First Club member number? Please, do not hesitate to contact our user support team at or call: 850-850-8011

Amadeus Hellas reserves its right to unilaterally amend, alter, modify the target scheme at its own discretion